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R.E.C.O.N. is a high-level coaching program for musicians. We focus on high-level business strategy. We turn your passion into profits, understanding the power of financial education and brand clarity.


When you purchase our RECON program it will allow you to tap into courage, strength, passion, and laser focus. Allowing you to overcome any financial challenges or brand clarity.


 What's the largest investment you've made in yourself this year? If you haven't got a return on that investment so far, then guess what?




You will learn the key strategies and execution formulas used for today's most prominent creatives and music influencers in the music industry as we share insights on our journey and work for some of today's biggest superstars. 


We offer entrepreneurship and economic empowerment to education programming. Offering essential real-life networking experience, R.E.C.O.N. will ultimately help you develop and hone the crucial skills needed to grow in your musical career. 


  • Access to myShot community with other musicians and industry professionals.
  • Access to V.I.P. Coaching Group
  • Free Copy of Ebook "What They Don't Tell Musicians."
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to recordings of all masterclass and content sessions.  
  • Access Monthly Group Coaching Call 
  • Weekly V.I.P. Group Chat
  • Weekly Interactive Sessions.
  • Reserve limited One-on-One Office Hours with industry experts.
  • Exclusive articles from one of the founders
  • Exclusive videos from our event archives


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