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What They Don't Tell Musicians: The Secrets to Getting 750+ Credit They Don't Want Musicians to Know

I personally use strategies, hacks and hidden secrets that the credit bureaus and big credit companies pay top dollar to keep away from the public...
it's not Illegal, it's just what they they use to take money from the general public.
In this E-book, I disclose everything you need to know about credit and personal funding.
Buying my step-by-step Credit Repair and Funding E-Book, loaded with proven strategies to help clean up, build your credit and also get funded.


In This E-Book You Will Learn:


DIY Credit repair 

  • How Credit Reporting Works
  • How To Clean A Report
  • How To Build A 750+ Credit Score
  • ​​How To Leverage Your Credit
  • ​What A Good Credit Report Should Look Like


DIY Personal Funding

  • How To Use Auto Loans To Build Credit
  • How To Apply For Multiple Cards At One Time
  • Maximizing Travel Perks and Benefits
  • ​​My Top 10 High Limit Credit Cards
  • ​My Top 10 Credit Cards (Personal Cards)

What They Don't Tell Musicians (E-Book)

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